February 6, 2016

Press Release 4/8/15

Richard H. L. Marshall, Esq. Named to SignaCert Advisory Board

Former Homeland Security and National Security Agency (NSA) Cyber Security Director Joins Expert Team


AUSTIN, TX — April 8, 2015 — SignaCert, the company that is revolutionizing IT operations and security with the “Power of Being Correct”™, today announced the addition of Richard H L Marshall, Esq. to the company’s Technical Advisory Board.  Mr. Marshall is an internationally recognized thought leader on cyber related policy, legal and technical issues. As a member of the Senior Executive Service, he was the Director of Global Cybersecurity Management in the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and held multiple information security roles at the National Security Agency (NSA) as Associate General Counsel; Legislative Liaison, and Deputy Director of the Critical Information Assurance Office under the White House.

Mr. Marshall is chairman and chief executive officer of Secure Exchange Technology Innovations, and president and chief executive of X-SES Consultants, LLC. Previously the vice president of Cyber Programs at Triton FSI, Mr. Marshall currently serves as a board member or advisor to: Attensity; Auroras; Axon Global Services, Consulsys (India); Secure Cloud Systems, SignaCert, Zofia Consulting, LLC; Mobile Active Defense; International Cyber Security Advisory Dialogue Board; INVNT/IP Global Consortium; and the National Maritime Law Institute.

SignaCert’s Technical Advisory Board is designed to accelerate the company’s market-leading technological advancements and product innovation.  Leveraging the vast experience of experts like Mr. Marshall and Dr. Eugene Spafford, the board provides advice and guidance to support SignaCert’s growth and market strategies.

“Richard Marshall has had a long and highly respected career protecting the United States against cyber attacks,” said Toney Jennings, chief executive officer for SignaCert. “We are excited to leverage Mr. Marshall’s vast experience to improve SignaCert’s offerings for businesses and government agencies of all sizes and industries.”


IT complexity, scale, and rate of change make it extremely difficult to understand the true state of IT infrastructure at any point in time. Powered by patented technology such as the Global Trust Repository (GTR), a file and application whitelist database of unprecedented breadth and depth, SignaCert Integrity continuously compares IT elements against authenticated applications, gold images, and trusted standards. This ongoing appraisal allows for early surgical identification of issues that threaten infrastructure integrity (availability, security, compliance) and reduces the amount of unplanned work typically caused by delayed problem discovery.