February 6, 2016

Press Release 3/26/14

SignaCert Announces Free HIPAA & PCI Scans

“SnapAudit” Offering Powered By SignaCert Integrity, The Most Actionable and Affordable Continuous Compliance Monitoring Solution Available


AUSTIN, TX — March 26, 2014 — SignaCert, Inc., the company that is revolutionizing IT operations and security with the “Power of Being Correct”™, today announced SignaCert® SnapAudit, a free, cloud-based audit scan service based on the award-winning SignaCert Integrity™ platform. With SnapAudit, users can receive a free audit report for any Windows or Linux system that is subject to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) or the PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

IT departments are overwhelmed with the cost and resources required to manage compliance on the plethora of servers, desktops, laptops and network devices that store and process confidential personal information. Preparing for an annual outside audit requires vast resources, while infractions for non-compliance has resulted in six-figure government penalties.

SnapAudit allows IT teams to quickly snapshot any system, and receive a report that outlines its compliance with HIPAA or PCI DSS requirements. Because of the noise and accuracy issues of traditional compliance and file integrity monitoring (FIM) solutions, organizations have been forced to rely on costly and infrequent manual audits to demonstrate annual compliance. SignaCert Integrity is designed to reduce noise, provide more actionable data, and demonstrate that systems are always configured correctly. While Integrity proves systems are continuously compliant, SnapAudit will show which systems have fallen out of compliance since their last audit.

“At SignaCert, we are passionate about the security and profitability benefits of continuous, not just annual, compliance,” said Toney Jennings, chief executive officer for SignaCert. “Compared to older monitoring solutions, SignaCert Integrity gives IT teams a cleaner, less noisy, more actionable and continuously up-to-date view of their compliance-related infrastructure.”

Jennings continued: “SignaCert SnapAudit makes it easy for organizations to comprehend exactly how compliant and vulnerable their systems are. While IT teams know that some portion of their systems are out of compliance, they don’t necessarily know exactly which ones. SignaCert SnapAudit provides that answer.”


IT complexity, scale, and rate of change make it extremely difficult to understand the true state of IT infrastructure at any point in time. Powered by patented technology such as the Global Trust Repository (GTR), a file and application whitelist database of unprecedented breadth and depth, SignaCert Integrity continuously compares IT elements against authenticated applications, gold images, and trusted standards. This ongoing appraisal allows for early surgical identification of issues that threaten infrastructure integrity (availability, security, compliance) and reduces the amount of unplanned work typically caused by delayed problem discovery.