February 6, 2016

Press Release 5/8/14

SignaCert Announces $99 Compliance Monitoring For Any Device

SignaCert Integrity’s Leading Compliance Reporting and File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) Capabilities Now Available On Any Covered Device For One Low Price


AUSTIN, TX — May 08, 2014 — SignaCert, the company that is revolutionizing IT operations and security with the “Power of Being Correct”™, today announced a simplified and highly competitive pricing structure for the most innovative compliance monitoring and FIM solution available, SignaCert Integrity. Under terms of the promotional pricing, IT teams can now purchase Integrity for an annual subscription of only $99 per device. With this pricing, Integrity is one-third the cost of traditional, outdated compliance solutions.

Because of the noise and accuracy issues of traditional compliance and FIM solutions, organizations have been forced to rely on costly and infrequent manual audits to demonstrate annual compliance.  SignaCert Integrity is designed to reduce noise, provide more actionable data, and demonstrate that systems are always configured correctly. With Integrity, organizations can finally transition away from annual compliance to continuous compliance and a stronger security posture.

“Compliance mandates are designed to ensure a minimal set of security controls are implemented across IT networks,” said Toney Jennings, chief executive officer for SignaCert. “SignaCert is offering aggressive pricing because we believe that every organization should be able to afford the required compliance reporting and FIM capabilities.”

Jennings continued: “With Integrity’s completely unique technology, organizations will be alerted when systems are incorrect, not just when they change.  By only being alerted to incorrect or unauthorized changes, IT teams can easily absorb information and maintain a state of continual compliance and security.”


IT complexity, scale, and rate of change make it extremely difficult to understand the true state of IT infrastructure at any point in time. Powered by patented technology such as the Global Trust Repository (GTR), a file and application whitelist database of unprecedented breadth and depth, SignaCert Integrity continuously compares IT elements against authenticated applications, gold images, and trusted standards. This ongoing appraisal allows for early surgical identification of issues that threaten infrastructure integrity (availability, security, compliance) and reduces the amount of unplanned work typically caused by delayed problem discovery.