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Trusted files and applications

You can authenticate the provenance of your files and applications with the Global Trust Repository: GTR™, our patented database

Switch from Tripwire to SignaCert® Integrity

Now through March 31, get SignaCert® Integrity at 1/3 the cost of the competition.

Would you like to slash expenses--without affecting compliance or security?

We’ll show you how with the Tripwire Replacement Program (TRP). The TRP is your opportunity to upgrade to SignaCert Integrity at 1/3 the cost of Tripwire. 

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SignaCert® Integrity™ is the world's most actionable, least noisy FIM solution.

Our patented and unique technologies deliver pure, clear integrity verification without all the noise the other guys make

Trusted reference templates 

You can snapshot correct systems, applications or subsystems—called trusted reference templates—to compare against all others

Trusted Benchmarks

You can incorporate tests and reports specific to your industry from recognized third parties to prove continuous compliance

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